Homework for spring break

Part 1: Reading

Finish your story. Don’t forget to annotate… There is one more presentation to go!

Part 2: Writing

Explain how the concepts in your outcome from this week are related to your story. Do this in at least two paragraphs. Don’t forget to say what story you are reading and what outcome you are working with.

Our outcome was the lens of socialogical imagination, that outcome is related to our story cause janet and the narrator is working to get money to feed they family that’s personal impact and the public issue is nobody didnt poke they head in the big slot, and the narrator was writing a littler survey but if he lie about that survey he going get fire, so if he dont want to get fire he have to say the truth. janet son bradley his a dick head whos sick he alway want some to buy drug, whatever he show he going to steal to buy drug, is like he got mental problem,one day he was very brook and he come to his mom job in the cave to ask her money, if he get that money his going to buy drug right away.

In case you forgot…here are the three outcomes:

018.0910: Student analyzes George Saunders’ stories through the lens of moral dilemmas, altruism, and egoism.

019.0910: Student analyzes George Saunders writing through the lens of sociological imagination.

020.0910: Student analyzes the use of literary elements and techniques in George Saunders’ writing.

HOMEWORK 3/18/10

  1. What is the name of your story? Pastorolia
  2. What outcome did your group pick for this week? Student analyze George saunters’ stories through the lens of moral dilemmas,altruism,and egoism. 
  3. In one at least two paragraphs, explain how the outcome is related to your story. Its a moral dilemma because the narrator is gonna lose his job if he keeps lying and the narrator say look i know it’s hard to be objective about people we come to daily know, but in the big picture who benefits when the truth is not told, he saying that because he dont want nobody to gets fire, but however if he says the truth janet gets fired. 

Remember, this is a big part of how your individual outcome will be assessed and determined.

Student analyzes George Saunders’ stories through the lens of moral

Dilemmas, altruism, and egoism.



Your letter

Dear: Mr Dolan

First at all i hope u feel better because we all know without being healthy you cant do nothing. This past week we learn sociological imagination which mean that sociological imagination is the capacity to see how social outcomes result from the combination of large scale social forces and the actions of individuals. to be continue……………

Look at my son, dont he look cute, T02 that’s my son rite there dont play with me lol

Look at my son, dont he look cute, T02 that’s my son rite there dont play with me lol

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HOMEWORK: 2/24/10

Part 1:

Post your classwork from today on the blog.

This person is stoping the tank because he dont want no war going in his country so his stoping the tank to help his country, the tank is going to do war, this country is ready to figh. this person feel bad seeing his country going to war,

Part 2:

Write a flash-fiction story about your picture from today. Include ideas from the work you did today. Show the connections that you made. Remember that flash-fiction stories have conflicts, rising action, climaxes and resolutions like any other story.

In 1950 i was a in the forest with one of my friend looking for animal, his name is kaba and he show a lion looking at me trying to kill him, he say if the lion need his meat, the lion can kill him cause his leaving in a country that the government dont care about the immigrant cause he was a immigrant, so the lion keep looking at him and i tell him kaba u not going do nothing about this lion he say no, he dont care about his life no more, but he was worry about his family, thinking about his family, he dont know the soldier oready kill all of them, the soldier was looking for the immigrant, they was going to everybody who they know is immigrant and kill them, me and kaba was far away from the capital, kaba was thinking not coming back to the capital cause he know the soldier is looking for the immigrant, he was like he wish he can fly go back to his country, me i was a citizen i come back home by my self i show how the soldier was killing this people but i can do nothing about it cause the soldier have power than me they have guns and tank, i was thinking stopping the tank and i went next to the tank i tell them to stop killing the immigrant people, i told them we need those immigrant people that your killing right now, plus my country economy was not okay it was bad, so maybe the soldier was thinking about the immigrant make this economy bad or something, i told them to stop spending a lot of weapon cause my country they like to spend money on weapon, and one soldier get out to the tank point out the gun on me trying to kill me, the soldier was thinking the have power more than the government cause they have guns and tank that’s why they think, the soldier was out of the mind, they end up killing me and my friend kaba never come back to the capital and run away he dont know where to do go, he just running cause he don’t to die.

Part 3:

Write a reflection about your story that explains how your story shows sociological imagination. [Sociological imagination is the the connection between 1) personal troubles and public issues, 2) personal behavior and social interaction, 3) biography and history, 4) individuals and wider society, as well as other overlaps between the private and public life.]

Personal troubles:

The African guy need to go back to the capital to get his family, he have to go back to his country because the soldier dont want the immigrant in the country nomore, so he dont have no choice.

The soldier was looking for the immigrant if they find any immigrant they will going to kill them, i was the person whos stopping the soldier but they dont want to listen. they doing whatever they want cause they have tank and guns.

The soldier end up killing me cause on they way im stopping them, they shot me in the head and the government dont care when they kill me and i was a citizen.

The African guy is now thinking how he going go back to his country, he was saying he wish he can fly.

Public issue:

In this country they soldier dont like the immigrant that’s racism

Everything was not okay in the country they economy was not okay at all

The government have no time talking to the soldier they have another issue so they was too busy.

The social imagination is the force and action of individuals that the soldier was doing cause they was killing people without excuse with is not right, the government should do something about but they was busy taking care of another business so they didn’t have time to talk to the soldier, the soldier and the immigrant cant get alone because the soldier is thinking that the immigrant make they country difficult, so that’s why they trying to take out the immigrant in the country, but however if they kill all those immigrant they cant make a better community that can work for them, cause the country need the immigrant.

Part 4:

Finish your timeline and email it to Dolan at dolanbihs@gmail.com

HOMEWORK 2/22/10

Finish today’s classwork and post it on your blog!

1-Scandal in italy hurts socialists

2-Reporter’s notebook motley band of brother takes kabul

3-U.S frustrated,backs off from the crisis in yugoslavia

4-Winnie Mandela refuses to abandon politics

5-Moria journal, south africa’s best drowing card, the church

6-Angolan rebel lays killing to a C.I.A. plot

7-Algeria sentences 12 Militants to hang

8-Constitution voted in Ghana, ending ban on party politics

9-After the cold war-views from japan,tokyo in the Epoch, heady future,with fear

10-Basnia is seeking foreign Military Aid.

 Articles 4:According to this article mandela refuse to abandon politics because she know she getting something from there that’s why she refuse to abandon politics, she as blame it the white people on they suffering, the african national congress thinks it will be good without mrs. mandela because they dont like how she be acting, she learn how to be hate, because most people dont like her politics issue. she say if she woke up in the morning she didnt find no enemie in the world, she wont thing they was nothing wrong.

Articles 8: The Ghanaians people want to have a change in they country, they want to follow the united state law like the constitution, they want to have a government that listen to the people, and have a democracy country with is good for them, that will help they country they want to have a national defense. 

Before doing this activity were you aware of any of these events and that they occurred on your birthday? Those event long away for me because i was little that time i didnt know nothing, that was something i cant remember because my braind was too little. Is there anything about any of these events that surprises you? Yes like article number 4 because i was surprise because i dont think that time a woman can joient politics party or anything. Do you have any connections, large or small to any of these events? The connection that i have is Ghana trying to look like the united state because they want to follow the constitution with is great for them, that’s the connection that i show.  Do you think that any of these events had an impact, large or small, on your life or those of your family members that you know of? Yes my father was a member of a UPR political party so that have impact on my father he was suporting his party UPR. What conclusions can you draw about what your city/town was like on the day you were born based on this newspaper? What other observations can be made? That day my city down was old because that was on the back then, they was no alot of people that time, people were very poor that time, only you see people who have money rase they foice loud because they got something.


Based on today’s reading and worksheet #3, write 1-3 paragraphs explaining how sociology is different from other social sciences.

Sociology focus on human social behavior and  human collective aspect it also concern about activities, sociology concern also in human issue between community, family, child abuse ect…. and social science is the study of human society and like personel relationship in to society that mean sciencetist alway trying to find what human realy do when they doing in activities it also have to do with religion of different nations and culture. sociology focus on human relationship it also focus on social consequence of inequality for example economy, sociology is also focus on the problem and challenge that people face in they life.



  1. What is the difference between sociology and biology? The different between those two word is that sociology is a human social behavior also it have to do with groups activity example: like ecnomic or religion etc… and biology is talk about life, living organism including they function like what they do. that’s why those two are different cause each of them is talking about they own topic. 
  2. What is an example of social life or social interaction or social change or groups or societies or human behaviors that is interesting to you? Why? The example of human behavior that is all human been does a mistake and come back to that mistake later on. Another example: activity or community etc.. 


Using worksheets #1 and #2, write 1-3 paragraphs explaining how the natural sciences are different from the social sciences. Use as many examples from your worksheets as possible. The different between those two word is that social science is basically addresing in human condition, activity that human those everyday is also base on the social world. Example: religion, social problem, education, community service and activity. and natural science is base on the animal condition of living it also have something to do with nature, people does a research of an animal or a plant all that is base on natural science. Example: human body, atoms, plants, roats, mineral.

EXTRA: You may also include similarities between social and natural sciences, but the focus is mostly on differences.



  1. Read the document called “What is Sociology?”
  2. In your own words, write what you think sociology is. to make some change in human,or behvior. it can be also a community that is talking about race or religion.
  3. Would hallway culture at Bronx International HS be interesting to a sociologist? Why? Yes because socialogy ask about how people come up with something to make change and like planning something to make change such as violence or exchange and inequalty between people. 
  4. What else might be interesting to a sociologist? Why

A community because community alway want to come togeher and solve problem between race or religon, so community will be interesting in socialogy.